Dr. Felix Fluck

… specialises in change processes for individuals, groups and companies.

Clients particularly value working with him because of his “feel” for seeing and addressing the unexpressed connections in and between people. Using unconventional and humorous methods, he leads participants towards self-awareness and through an independent process of change. This means he is often – but not through his own choice – described as a motivational trainer. He moderates in German and English.
Education / Qualifications
  • Doctorate in political sciences from the University of Zürich
  • Dissertation: Labour turnover and lack of motivation
  • Subsidiary subject: occupational psychology

Previous roles
  • Zürich transport services (training manager)
  • Olsen & Associates, London/Amsterdam (international sales representative)
  • Credit Suisse (marketing & personnel)

Freelance work (since 1997)
  • Partner of The 4you Network AG, Zürich
  • Founder and owner of Humanagement GmbH
  • Team development
  • Conflict management
  • Relationship management
  • Process moderation
  • Work-life balance/self-management

As a competitive sportsman (10 years in the Swiss high-jumping team) I have had to accept that ultimately it all comes down to measurable performance. Much more important back then, just as it is today in management, is knowing that emotional factors contribute at least 50% to your success.

info@roburis.chTel. +41 79 339 18 39