Insights Discovery
Serge Gysi is a qualified insights specialist; this is a tool that has a wide range of applications and can be used highly effectively in both simple and complex life and/or conversational situations.

DISC Personality tool
Serge Gysi is a qualified DISG trainer. This tool is fast, practical and straightforward. It is ideal for sales discussions in order to communicate in a more customer-focused manner.

Personal Directions
Serge Gysi is a qualified Personal Directions consultant. The PD tool is excellent for skills assessments and determining personal areas of development, whether this be in a professional or personal context.

The 4you Network Ltd
Together with three other well-known training and development experts, Serge Gysi has established The 4you Network AG. Additional information can be found on

Communication trainer
Serge Gysi is a qualified communication consultant/trainer, having trained with the well-known communication expert Friedemann Schulz von Thun

ROBURIS Consulting & Kreativ Training Ltd
Serge Alain Gysi is a certified Outdoor Coach, which allows Roburis access to one of the largest outdoor facilities in Europe. (

Biostructur Analysis
Serge Gysi is a qualified Biostruktur trainer and is therefore authorized to carry out the Structogram training 1-3 using the Biostruktur analysis resources.